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KinZana released her promo video

KinZana and her band released a promo video. The video was shot at Caribbean Club, which one of the best venues for gigs in Kiev. The video features cuts of 5 songs that demonstrate variations in KinZana’s style: rock - “Under Control” and “Burn Your Mind”, pop - “Kisses In My Head” and “I’m Falling”, and gentle ballad “Stay”.

“We looked at various venues to shoot the promo and the Caribbean Club was the best. Great stage, great lights, great sound. Sound was particularly important for us. We wanted to record the songs live, so that anyone can hear how we sound on stage. In this promo video you hear what was recorded live on the spot. I think it turned out great…
We chose the songs that were a bit different in style to demonstrate the variety of our music. All our songs are pop/rock, but some of them are closer to rock, and others are closer to pop. We even changed clothes that was more appropriate to every song” - KinZana.

You can watch KinZana's promo video is here