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KinZana released official video “Kisses In My Head”

KinZana released official video for the song “Kisses In My Head” in support for her debut EP “Under Control”. Video was directed by Olga Gor and was shot in Kiev, Ukraine.

The video tells a story of a young lady (KinZana) who is getting dressed for a date. She changes clothes trying to find an image that would look most enticing for a man. She finds it - all in black. Just about to go out and… we realise that she… “collects” men. Cute lady is preparing to get another “victim”. “Kisses in my head” acquires a totally different meaning in the end of the video.

“It was a heavy snowfall in Kiev when we shot “Kisses”. It was very cold and windy; the city was stuck in traffic jams. We had to walk a lot in thick snow and ice not to be late. But still, we had great time and fantastic experience. We wanted to create something simple but original, so we came up with this girl-maniac idea. I hope that my fans would like it. I am very grateful to the team ” - KinZana.

KinZana's official video "Kisses In My Head" can be watched online here