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KinZana releases video for “Stay”

Just before the Christmas KinZana decided to release a video of her emotional ballad “Stay”. The video was shot at Caribbean Club and displays a stage performance of the singer and her band. “Stay” is one of the 5 songs that were included in debute EP “Under Control”.

“Stay” is the slowest song that I have ever written. Initially it meant to be a soundtrack; I never thought it could fit my style of music. My aunt loved the song so much that I decided to try it with the band. When we added guitar and made the last chorus rock loud, we realised that it was a great track fitting very well with other songs! It brought variety to our dynamic programme. We recorded violin and lap steel - they sounded so good in the final mix! I am sure that “Stay” will find its listener” - KinZana

You can watch KinZana's video "Stay" online here.