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10/ 06/ 2013

Coming soon! KinZana and her band will play live at «TRUEMAN» CLUB, Odessa on July 18th, 2013. Join!


22/ 05/ 2013

Get our teasers! This is the rehearsal of KinZana - “Burn Your Mind”, it’s a hint of how we sound now. Watch the rehearsal’s video here

Here is how we play "My Limousine". It’s a rehearsal recorded on a phone, so do not expect Hi End sound :-) “My Limousine” rehearsal video is here

07/ 05/ 2013

KinZana decided to assemble the band to play her originally electronic tracks live. This experiment turned to inevitable change of artist’s sound - from vocal house and electro pop to pop/rock.

“I realized that I love drummers. The ones who really feed your music with the pulse. This is what I never experienced before! The beat is inside of you! Forget MIDI, forget drum machines forget all that electronic soulless devices. You’ll never beat the magic of a man, kicking and striking the real thing, which is probably the oldest instrument in the world!” - KinZana.

Drums, bass and electric guitars are what is added to “Kisses In My Head”, “I Feel You”, “Burn Your Mind” and all other KinZana’s songs.

“At first, I was uncertain about adding electric guitar to my arrangements. I felt I might migrate to rock and I was not sure that I wanted to sound ROCK. However, we found great tunes and hooks for guitar that fitted so well with synths. Our genre turned to pop/rock and it sounded so powerful! I liked it so much. Well, I can’t imagine my songs without the guitar anymore! I’m thrilled to show our act to my fans.” - KinZana